In the fifth book you take part in the fascinating colonization of a new world. After a flight lasting a total of 467 years the APEIRON reaches the star HD 188262, a young G0V sun. On its fourth planet called MARAVILLA DOS, 1300 humans found a new civilization.

The 21 year old Monique Galeano and her slightly younger half-brother Adamo Hunter experience the first years of the settlement which is characterized on the one hand by the encounter with the extraterrestrial OL ARA NA HAN descendent from a planet 3000 light-years away, and on the other hand by a series of murders committed by an insane female sex offender that remain unsolved for a long time.

In this field of tension the humans find themselves confronted with fantastic new insights concerning the universe and its counterpart, a continuum which is free of any dimensions.

Please bear in mind that all novels lack an English translation. They are only available in German.