Seven women are entrenched behind a castle ruin. Dissolute soldiers besiege them. There are neither plants nor animals. Also water has disappeared from the devastated land. The civilization has sunk into sand. The only source of food is the surviving humans. They are forced to hunt each other. The young Andreas runs into the trap of the women. The horde surrounds the boy hanging in the net. Therese, Hope and Carmen risk a reckless sally. One of the soldiers gets killed the others are forced to retreat for the time being. The female warriors drag their prey back to the castle ruin. The youth is supposed to get slaughtered immediately but Therese obtains a postponement. The young women are fed up with this defensive life inside the castle. They escape along with Andreas, heading for the ruins of a former city where they expect to find plenty of water and food. The curtain raises on a breathtaking dance of death. It ends in hell. The concluding chapter of this apocalyptic shocker is Science Fiction pure. An extraterrestrial spaceship materializes into the earth's orbit from Non-Space. On board are strange looking life forms, highly developed technologically and mentally.