Fading Away

Copyright 2023


The story of this extraordinary suspenseful Science Fiction adventure happens on two levels for the time being. Under the nuclear contaminated wreckage of the former city of Vienna, in an atomic bunker live a few hundred humans terrorised by a corrupt military government ruled by the remorseless General Eckart. In order to occasionally escape such dismal conditions, the Quantum Physicist  Carlo Wantis invents a time machine based on the concept that all time spaces of the multiverse are holographic projections. Carlo arrives in the year 1848 and witnesses the Austrian revolution. He is supported by the call girl Madeleine and the mafia boss Twachritz. During the execution of the revolutionary Robert Blum, Madleine and Carlo provoke a time paradoxon. They become transferred into a parallel universe and wake up inside the bodies of the scientist couple Elisabeth Cuener and Seymour Winerift. The third story level happens on the world WONDEREDEN which appears as a paradise, as long as it is showing its true face.