CASCADE - Dormir     Synopsis

As advertised, editionsupernova publishes the second book of the dystopian trilogy CASCADE. 

The PRIMAVERA holds course for Lemtow 642, a star 36 lightyears away from Earth. On board, 3000 women and men are in deep hibernation. Doctor Daniel Ahrens, leader of the medical team, is enyoying his computer-generated chryostasis-life as a young French aristocrat of the late 18th century.

 The love affair with a married lady catapults Ambroise Vicomte de Garlancourt in an epic duel for life and death. The overture for a reckless escape begins.

 In London, Ambroise is studying medicine to become a physician, resulting in an inner reformation. Enthusiastically, he complies with the initial rite of a freemacon lodge. Searching for his missing parents, he gets caught in the bloody midst of the French Revolution. Finally, he escapes to America. As a regiment physician he accompanies a campaign against riotous natives.

After 146 years in flight, an unpredictable incident happens. The artificial intelligence of the spaceship decides to wake up the entire crew.  

Please be aware of the fact that all novels are only available in German language. I wish you a gripping and entertaining pleasure of reading.