CASCADE - The Mission       


The action of the first book KASKADE The Mission takes place in the year 2076. The FRONT OF GOD is overrunning the alliance of BUDDHA CROSS states worldwide. Russia, China and HDS Israel are on the defensive. The Viennese front-line doctor Doctor Daniel Ahrens - previously a specialist in cold sleep technology - is unexpectedly appointed head of the medical team on the interstellar spaceship PRIMAVERA, which is orbiting the moon. The crew is scheduled to fly in cryostasis to the star Lemtow 642, 36 light-years away, monitored by an AI that also pilots the spacecraft. Ahrens rushes through the rubble of war to reach the shuttle. The countdown is running. The killers of GOD'S FRONT are on his heels. Action-packed high tension, unusually described eroticism and existential reflections. A tour de force through the apocalypse.

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