The actor, writer and director Hans Georg Nenning was born on February 20, 1946, in Graz. He grew up in his hometown and later in Vienna. To become an actor he studied from 1969 on in the Max Reinhardt Seminar in Vienna.

He has performed on many stages including the Burgtheater, Komödianten , Stadttheater Ulm, Volkstheater, Theater in der Josefstadt, and Stadttheater Salzburg.

Among many other roles, he has interpreted and performed as Haimon (Antigone), Billy the Kid (Billy the Kid), Rupprecht (Der zerbrochene Krug), Pozzo (Waiting for Godot), Figaro (Der tolle Tag), Odysseus (Philoktet). He attracted a great deal of attention with his own productions in the Theater der Courage as Francois Villon and as James Dean in the Schauspielhaus.

Hans Georg Nenning is also seen in numerous films and TV productions.

About his interpretation in Ernst Hinterbergers "Hansi Vrba, Inländerfreund” wrote Franz Schuh (excerpt): " ... a play made quickly but though giving an extraordinary experience: The actor Hans Georg Nenning performed magnificently a man falling down ..."

For the serial "Eurocops”, he wrote the screenplay of the part "Transit in den Tod" ("Transit into death") and also played one of the leading characters.

2000: He played in the HBO production "BAND OF BROTHERS", directed by David Frankel, coproduced by Tom Hanks and Steven Spielberg, which was awarded 6 Emmys.

2006: He started studying for film-directing.

In cooperation with Werner Ertel† he made the ORF documentation "I took it seriously" for BR-Alpha.

2007: he directed his first short fiction "DUSK".

DUSK was nominated in ÉCU The Independent Film Festival Paris 2008 , Athens International Sci-Fi & Fantasy Short Film Festival 2008, ReelHeART International Film Festival Toronto 2008, Swansea Life Film Festival 2008, The End of Pier International Film Festival 2008.

In June 2013 "DUSK" was selected for “THE EUROPEAN INDEPENDENT FILM CHANNEL Screening the world’s best independent films”.

From 2008 to 2012 he developed three film projects in detail including screenplays, three-dimensional storyboards and floorplans. In order of the cultural and scientific department for Culture and Science Niederösterreich, he presented a complete new dystopian interpretation of Jean Racine's ANDROMAQUE set in the midst of a disastrous global war for petroleum.

Up to now he wrote and published the followig novels: The pentalogy "BEYOND THE LIGHT - Reports from the Future", a space time saga (2011).

The end-time shocker "FADING AWAY" (2015) .

The post-atomic thriller "Frozen Light" (2015).

"CASCADE - The Mission" (2017).

"CASCADE - Dormir" (2018).

Audiobook Production "CASCADE - The Mission" (2019).

Audiobook Production "CASCADE - Dormir" (2020).

From 1996 to 2006 he lived in Munich and Berlin. Nowadays he is living in Vienna.